Web Design


A platform to showcase student projects built for real-world clients
Mar 2021


What is Swatcloud?

Swatcloud is a marketplace where students design and develop end-to-end digital products for small businesses. Swatcloud is a platform built for siliconvalley4u, an online coding school, to both showcase current projects and convince new businesses to submit theirs.

What was Kish's role?

Kish redesigned and developed this platform as part of his larger no-code/UX work with siliconvalley4u.


The audience

Siliconvalley4u, the organization behind Swatcloud, serves a two sided marketplace

  • students looking to learn/gain experience through working on real world projects for clients
  • clients looking to save time and money by getting their projects done by students

The Swatcloud platform needs to both showcase student work and also sell new clients to get their projects done through siliconvalley4u.

The old site

The existing version of Swatcloud , though functional, received very little traffic and was cited as being unprofessional and hard to navigate. In addition for the

managers it was difficult to update content and add new student projects.


With an understanding of the target audience and pain points from the existing version, Kish redesigned the platform.

In short, some of the improvements made to the design included

  • Short hero section to explain what Swatcloud is and contextualize the products being shown
  • Added robust search and filter capability to allow both students and clients to easily browse and look at only the products they want to see.
  • Clear and accessible call to action at the top and bottom of the page for clients to request their own project to get done.
  • Overall more simple and consistent look and brand throughout the design, in terms of colors, imagery, type, and layout.

See the live site


Built from scratch

Kish built the new website himself using Webflow, taking advantage of their CMS functionality. Webflow CMS enables managers of the site to easily add/change content, which was a huge plus for the clients.

See the live site