Hey, I'm Kish.

I’m a multidisciplinary Product Designer. I combine my technical expertise with a grasp of human psychology to design simple, efficient software.

I’ve helped 10+ startups and nonprofits in launching their MVP and getting their first 1,000 customers. I'm also a Webflow Expert and have built over 30 websites as a freelancer. I am currently building internal tools for the Enterprise Sales teams at AWS.

I am unremitting about my physical and mental health. I stay active with basketball, hot yoga, and martial arts. I flex my creative side with fun things like poetry, drawing, and standup comedy. I prioritize meditation, digital minimalism, and quality time with loved ones.

Selfies & throwbacks

Kish Parikh

Product Designer & Full-Stack Developer


22 years, 190 days, 3 hours, 2 minutes


Bay Area, CA


UX Designer @ AWS, Internal Sales Tools

Current Interests

Fitness, Startups, AI, Comedy


Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence, Enlightenment

Kish Parikh

Product Designer / Creative Developer

I build websites and apps for startups and internet companies. I have the skills of a full-stack developer and the eye of a user experience designer, which enable me to build elegant digital products.

Current role: UX Designer at AWS


How I help companies launch and scale their impact.

Product Strategy

For those looking to test an idea, explore growth strategies, analyze and optimize processes, or clarify overall product direction.

UI/UX Design

For those with an idea or existing product looking to build a web or mobile interface, generate detailed Figma prototypes that can be tested or developed immediately, or unify their brand/product identity.

No-Code Development/ Automation

For those who want to build a website or an MVP application that can be shipped in weeks. Webflow, Bubble, Airtable, Zapier, Typeform, Stripe, Retool, APIs, and more.

Full-Stack Development

For those who want to build a full stack web or mobile application, and need a flexible yet scaleable solution. Get code that works and can be maintained by the studio or handed off to another dev team. Nothing is impossible on this front.