Web Design

Fred Lake

Crafting a better user experience and reducing purchase time for an eCommerce website
Sep 2020


Who is Fred Lake?

Fred lake is a retailer for everything involving stamps, embossers, and office supplies in Dallas, TX

What was Kish's role?

As one of 2 UX Designers, Kish

  • conducted thorough user research to map out Fred Lake's target audience and their pain points
  • built a complete prototype of new app design to hand off to development team


The Old Site

Owner and customers noted trouble with

  • Navigating the website
  • Selecting the right product
  • Contacting customer service
  • Making their purchase efficiently

How might we enable customers to find the right products more easily, and checkout more quickly?


Interviews with Customers & Stakeholders

By speaking to the customers, owner and employees, such as those from the help desk, customer pain points and needs were elucidated and customer reports validated. Insights below

Analyzed Customer Data

Using recent customer data, a thorough analysis was done to begin constructing a picture of the average user. Information like purchase size, number of orders, and purpose for buying.

Empathy Map

The above insights were translated into an empathy map to try to understand the emotional experience and needs of users.


Personas were crafted to create concise summaries of the prototypical user and their pain points


Idea Prioritization

With an understanding of user’s needs and the current website’s challenges, potential features that would address these were laid out. Using an Idea Prioritization Map, the most important and feasible solutions were finalized.